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Occhnet Ltd Update – COVID-19

In these very challenging times, we would like you to know that we are here, working and ready to support you to ensure that you and your workforce remain safe, healthy and complying with UK Health and Safety Legislation.

Occhnet understand that you may have been able to encourage your employees to work from home and this brings a whole new challenge to the H&S department. We can give you up to date advice and clarity for the provision of safe, compliant working in the home setting.

Where workers remain in the work premises they may be working in unusually circumstances, with perhaps a reduced workforce or undertaking additional unfamiliar tasks and operations in addition to more familiar ones. We are able to supplement your existing control measures by supporting your management of change, risk assessments and providing training either remotely or in-house following Public Health England guidelines and performing essential statutory testing and exposure monitoring to ensure your workforce are protected.

HSE state: “Despite the demanding circumstances, compliance with occupational health and safety legal requirements remains with duty holders and HSE will continue its regulatory oversight of how duty holders are meeting their responsibilities in the context of the current public health risk and based on our available regulatory capacity.”

We are committed to supporting you through this very difficult time to ensure that you have the expertise and professional qualifications to back up your decisions.

Industrial Hygiene, Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy

We are professionally qualified Occupational Hygiene, Industrial Health Safety and Environmental Consultants. We’ve been providing comprehensive Industrial Hygiene, H&S and Environmental Management consultancy services, from our base in Wales throughout the UK, Europe and Ireland for over 20 years. Our Consultants offer expert services, and provide excellent occupational health and safety elearning, live-on-line courses and face to face training across the UK.

We have well established experience of improving the health, safety and environmental performance of businesses form all industry sectors. Ensuring the healthy and sustainable future of business and reducing absence, through certified training courses in health, safety and the environment, together with on-site consultancy services.

The increasing demand on organizations to manage their Environmental and Health and Safety affairs competently requires a corresponding demand for qualified and accountable expertise.We place emphasis on working with clients to implement practical Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Solutions to reduce risk and to assist with legislative compliance.

We use the latest technology and recognised sampling techniques to gather the information necessary to allow professional Occupational Hygiene, Environmental, and Health and Safety evaluation for your workplace.

Catering for all business and industry categories.

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